I am a writer, journalist, digital marketer, podcaster, traveller and ocean lover.

I'm Sophia Llewellyn. I have a double degree in Communications (Journalism) and International Studies from the University of Technology, Sydney.
I have worked as a content writer for leading organisations such as Future Women alongside Channel Nine's Digital Content Director, Helen McCabe. I have worked as a researcher for the ABC, assessing the systemic impacts of the television series, The War on Waste. I have also worked for leading publications such as Good On You and Four Magazine.
I have an unwavering love of crafting creative copy to engage audiences and communicate meaningful messages.
I have extensive experience working with digital platforms and all social media channels as well as impeccable copy editing, proofreading, research and time management skills. I am skilled writing content for brand identity creation.
I believe wholeheartedly in the power of digital. Language has the power to communicate ideas, inspire change, share emotions and allow people to come together in a way in which no other medium allows. To me, it is, quite simply, the most beautiful form of creative expression there is. When I'm not writing, you can be sure to find me idly passing time with a book in hand laying under the sun, gardening, surfing, practising yoga, speaking Spanish, walking the streets of Barcelona or reading Helen Garner's Monkey Grip for the seventh time.