A Week in Madrid

At this time tomorrow, I’ll be on a flight to Madrid; a city I’ve grown to admire and cherish in recent times. Whilst Barcelona was the initial standout city in Spain for me, I’m warming to Madrid for it’s dynamic energy, phenomenal restaurants, quintessentially Spanish locals and trendy fashion scene.

What’s more, there’s a wonderful, authentic Chinese restaurant on the street where I stay with a friend and it’s simply unbeatable. It’s a no-frills joint with fluorescent lighting and a raw ambience and yet, it’s one of the best dishes I’ve had in my four years here. Plus, they don’t hold back on the chilli so it’s as delicious as it is a reset on the senses.

Whilst I’m not in Madrid, I’lll be writing a long-form post about the best places to eat which I’ve stumbled upon, some recommendations based on those provided my local friend who moved here from Venezuela and much more.

So, stay tuned. More to come tomorrow.

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