Christmas in Stockholm

Foreign and yet, familiar 

As the thick carpet of grey loomed overhead, we sped through barren countryside and towards a cosy cottage in Stockholm’s North. 

The feeling when I disembark from the plane and enter Sweden is both familiar and foreign. The cold air is always a welcomed smack in the face after hours cooped up on a plane but the sun’s disappearance provides me with the same twinge of anxiety. Foreign and yet, familiar.

Whilst Christmas in Australia is a fun affair, it simply can’t compare to the festivities in Sweden. With an immaculate spread of culinary sensations, a plentiful of lights and decorations (to compensate for the lack thereof outside) and the Swedish spirit which has long awaited this time of year, Christmas in Stockholm is a treat. 

From smoked salmon to cured herring, Västerbotten cheese to devilled eggs, the Swedes know how to put on a spread.

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