Just Another Monday in Barcelona

Back in Barcelona once again and it’s clear the place has become a second home. The streets and the way the sunlight hits the yellow buildings – their facades, the trees, the grungy way people dress, the somewhat overcast afternoons which are always a welcome relief to the sunny mornings; it’s all familiar. 

It’s nothing new and yet, I’m drawn to it once again, like an old lover. I must admit, I believe my time in Barcelona is over. At least for now. How much do we really know except for what our next meal will be and even that we can’t quite predict. However, there’s a sensation suggesting I’m not longing to return to my old home, to the lifestyle here, to the days and nights that blur into one and the unkempt houses, the lack of greenery in the ‘concrete jungle’ as one local once described the city to me. No, I’m not being drawn here. 

Although, I did buy a wonderfully retro bomber jacket, I have my RM William’s on and I found a flattering beige jumper that will become a favourite. My old lover seems to remain his generous and kind self. 

What I do miss, however is the 1.60 euro beers from the supermercado around the corner. Or, the evenings we walk home together, my lover keeping me safe and warm, despite the sun long gone. Or, the buffet sushi with the familiar faces, the daggy decor and the Spanish locals who wear their jackets inside (despite it seriously frustrating the Swedes who believe it to be rude, a sign that they’re ready to go, fleeting-like). I’ve never found it to be a problem but I don’t spend half my life wrapped in materials and hence, am probably less sensitive to the matter. If we look to summer etiquette – well – that’s another matter entirely. 

It feels lovely to write to you and lovely probably isn’t quite the right word, somewhat mediocre and ‘lacklustre.’ Instead, it feels like home. And as my quote today said, ‘wherever your heart is, that’s where you’ll find treasure.’ My heart indeed lies with books, literature and the meditation it allows me, the reflection it probes and the security it offers. Nor does it disappoint, not yet and not in the future. 

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