A Weekend In: Visby

Visiting the city of Visby on the island of Gotland is a time-transcending experience. With its ancient relics and physical remnants of the Vikings that once lived there, walking the streets of Visby reconnects you with a past you can’t quite envisage. And yet, the endless cobbled streets, unusually small doorways and rose bushes lining the outskirts of weather-washed houses remind you this is no modern and industrialised driven Abu Dhabi.

As History Today explains, there is evidence of 400 million year old fossils on the island.

There are traces of the Tjelvar, or Palaeolithic, people who arrived 7,000 years ago. From the Bronze Age there are almost 400 cairns and 350 stone ship-settings (boulders set out in the shape of a ship symbolizing death as a voyage to the unknown) together with large numbers of prehistoric grave fields, house foundations, hill forts and rune stones – an incredible total of 3,100 registered sites make this the richest archaeological region in Sweden” (2007).

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