The Ugly Side of Beauty

I’ve been keenly reading the recently released book ‘Truth in Beauty’ by Mukti’s Founder. The book is a pure gem so I’m here to share all the insightful lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

Browsing through the library in search of information on natural skincare and the world of clean, ethical cosmetics, I was left empty handed. Other than a few outdated and DIY homemade recipe books that seemed unreliable and in need of some serious professional touches, I couldn’t find anything worthwhile to read.

Until I stumbled across, by chance, Mukti’s recently released book ‘Truth in Beauty’. How grateful am I to have accidentally found this treasure in my hands. Not to mention the layout, minimalist design and easy-to-use nature of the book, the information and the extensive research that’s evident within these pages was a breath of fresh air. Immersed in a world of genetically modified chemicals and facts and figures on the largely unregulated industry that is cosmetics, this book is a must-read for all interested in learning not only what certifies clean, natural and organic skincare but most critically, why making the switch is so important.

I was stoked with my find and recommend it wholeheartedly but rather than rave on, I’ve compiled a little list of memorable quotes from the book I felt were worth sharing.

Enjoy and happy reading. Here’s to making the switch to clean and ethical skincare to better both people and the planet.

“Through the process of educating ourselves and making small changes, we can make difference to our health and the planet”


“Unless we educate ourselves, we’re largely in the dark and at risk. Safe alternatives do exist and as a consumer, you have the power, via your buing choices, to directly influence the type and quality of products that companies manufacture and sell. Multinational executives are slowly changing their tune and responding to a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour as an increasingly informed public demand they’re more responsive to conerncs, especially when it comes to dubious ingredients”


“Toxic chemicals are ubiquitous: in our homes, our workplaces and throughout the environment…” – Mukti “In the name of beauty, natural regimes passed on by our grandmoters have been surpassed by chemical-laden concotions filled with promises of ceaer skin and a resurrection of our youth. Even if we lived on a remote utopian farm…we wouldn’t be immune to the daily chemical assault that our bodies are subjected to…we inhale them, rub them on our skin and ingest them from our lips…”


“There’s nothing more beautiful or alluring than a woman who exudes confidence. No amount of external tweaks will get you there. High self-esteem and self love radiate from an internal compass fuelled by purposeful direction and creative satisfaction”


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