Sustainability in Film

Sustainability is a word thrown around a lot these days. But what does it really mean?
Sustainability is about living life and meeting everyday needs without compromising the health of the natural world or the lives of future generations to come.

It's fundamental to remember that living a sustainable life is not only possible but also an endlessly rewarding lifestyle. This short film, ‘Age of the Farmer’, explores how Canadian farmers most commonly belong to an older generation. The film also offers a way for young people to reconnect with nature to not only benefit their health but the health of the planet too. By embedding messages within mainstream media which encourage the importance of environmental sustainability, media can effectively use its power to communicate meaningful ideas. In doing so, these ideas can translate to empowering actions to help make a positive difference. So here's to this beautiful film by Spencer MacDonald which embodies such a concept in a poignant, elegant and talented way.