How To Find Your Piece Of Paradise

How To Find Your Piece Of Paradise

Finding your little piece of paradise in life can be as simple as practicing a mindful and clean skin routine each day.  We’ve been inspired by the beautiful @gestalten Surf Shack’s book with a compilation of tranquil, earth-inspired houses scattered over the globe in pursuit of sublime waves and a whole lot of sunshine.

We believe skincare is much the same and should be something driven by clean, natural and earth-inspired values. Here’s to the importance of treating yourself to only the best gifts nature has to offer.

We’ve compiled a little preview of some of the incredible surf shacks included within Gesalten’s ‘Surf Shacks: An Eclectic Compilation Of Creative Surfer’s Homes From Coast to Coast and Overseas.’ Our absolute favourite is the minimalist, subtle and sophisticated-in-its-simplicity shack featured below. Perched on a Papaya farm, surrounded by lush jungle, fertile soil and salty seas just a walk away, this was our ultimate dream-home and one we thought encapsulated Semaya’s values.

In keeping things clean and simple, relying on handmade, local resources, in-touch with nature and reflective of the environment’s colour palette, this Papaya Ranch is what Semaya’s all about.

Skincare should be reflective of the natural world, using ingredients in their most pure and raw form and ensuring gifts have only a handful of great quality, clean goodness.

Here’s another idyllic surf shack resting on top of a sprawling jungle with views overlooking Mother Nature at her best. Of course we wouldn’t ever complain having a dip in that pool everyday but it’s in creating routines in the everyday, experiencing mindful moments on a daily basis and practising meaningful rituals, whether that be on a mountain top or in a local park, it’s these small moments that make up a fruitful, joyful and wholesome life.

Photo credit: Gestalten’s ‘Surf Shack: An An Eclectic Compilation Of Creative Surfer’s Homes From Coast to Coast and Overseas.’ 

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