Why I Love Peppermint Magazine

I’ve recently bought an old edition of the Peppermint magazine exploring all things ‘style, sustainability, and substance’. Spending the last few afternoons in the sun, I’ve been entranced by the various articles interviewing people on what they’re doing to help the planet and create ecologically sustainable forms of business. I’ve read about a woman using old wood and converting the leftover material into new jewelry whilst working with Indigenous communities for the design and artwork of the necklaces and bracelets.
I’ve also learned about a group called POC21 described as an “international innovation community” that started out as a five-week camp based in France working together to create the tools the world needs to fight issues of climate change and improve the health of our earth. I’ve had a look on their website where there’s a page outlining the 12 projects they created during the duration of the camp. Here’s the link if you’re feeling curious (http://www.poc21.cc/12-projects/). There have been stories of artists painting in their yoga studios, pottery makers sourcing clay from a five to ten-kilometer radius from their workspace as well as an Indigenous group teaching people about how to reconnect with the earth through song and done to experience holistic wellness. To say I’m feeling inspired would be an understatement.
Despite my interspersed moments of discouragement on perfecting wellness recipes and mastering the blending of essential oils, I’ve realized there is a great success in doing and learning as you go. Some of the stories I read in Peppermint Magazine sounded like my own and I’m certain they would have been, as my own ideas have been countless times before, overlooked as impossible or unachievable or unrealistic or downright unhelpful due to their lack of effectiveness. But reading other’s success stories encourages me to keep on keeping on.
We’ve all been put on this earth as individuals to do our part in creating a world of community, sustainability, and contentment. I’m a big believer in small, single, isolated moments making up a collectively incredible and wondrous life. The pages that makeup Peppermint Magazine remind me of the importance, value and rewards that can come from doing so.

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